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He could not help hovering within distant view of the two statues, and became nervous from the dread that the golden secret might be discovered. Every footstep that approached the place made him tremble. He would have given any thing could he but have turned the heads of the statues, forgetting that they had looked precisely in the same direction for some hundreds of years, without any person being the wiser. A plague upon them. he would say to himself, theyll betray all; did ever mortal hear of such a mode of guarding a secret. Then on hearing any one advance, he would steal off, as though his very 26 local pipefitters plumber trust vacation near the place would awaken suspicion. Then he would return cautiously, and peep from a distance to see if every thing was secure, but the sight 26 local pipefitters plumber trust vacation the statues would again call forth his indignation. Ay, there they stand, would he say, always looking, and looking, and looking, just where they should not.
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